16 ottobre 2017

Elon Musk News - Issue 105

Elon Musk News - Issue 105
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Note From The Curator
The top three stories in this issue of Elon Musk News are:
  1. Tesla beats Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW in brand experience for 2nd year in a row
  2. SpaceX sticks dramatic drone ship landing, third reuse flight a resounding success
  3. AI Sumo Wrestlers Could Make Future Robots More Nimble
One of my favorite stories I shared last year is a Bloomberg piece on camping in the back of a Model S. In the article the writer noted that "Unfortunately for campers, when the driver's seat sits empty for more than half an hour, the car wants to turn itself off." This is annoying as it means the car will also turn off the climate control and start to cool down.

Now, with Tesla's latest software update you can keep the the climate control running while the car is parked for an extended period! Exciting times for any modern day Jack Kerouacs out there.

Thank-you for being part of this community, and enjoy issue 105!

Featured Quote
"My mentality is that of a samurai. I would rather commit seppuku than fail."
— Elon Musk

From WP
SpaceX has once more accomplished what the launch industry long dismissed as infeasible, conducting their third commercial reuse of a recovered Falcon 9 booster. This particular mission was tasked with launching the 5,200 kg SES-11/Echostar 105 communications satellite into a geostationary transfer orbit. Once it makes its way into the final geostationary orbit, the satellite can be expected to provide communications services to North America in the form of digital television.

This time around, 1031 got a taste of the ocean while landing aboard Of Course I Still Love You (OCISLY), despite sea conditions that were deemed relatively rough and stormy. It is unlikely that 1031 will ever launch again, as it is a Block 3 Falcon 9 and thus intended to only be reused once or twice. This landing and recovery was  quite possibly the most dramatic yet for SpaceX. While rapidly reentering into Earth's thickening atmosphere, the stage experienced extraordinary heating that resulted in the aluminum grid fins nearly glowing white, and the same camera caught gorgeous interplay between ionizing gases coming off the stage and its final landing burn.
For the 14th time in 2017, SpaceX has conducted a flawless launch of their Falcon 9 workhorse rocket and the 11th successful recovery of a Falcon 9 first stage. Before sunrise on the West coast, Falcon 9 1041 lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California with the third payload of ten Iridium NEXT satellites, 21-30. SpaceX launched the 20 satellites preceding this flight in January and June earlier this year.

After dispatching the rocket's second stage and payload on a path to orbit, Falcon 9 1041 landed with dead-center accuracy several hundred miles off of the West coast aboard the drone ship Just Read The Instructions. While still experimental, it is almost certain that SpaceX also attempted to recover the vehicle's payload fairing, designed to autonomously parachute onto what Elon Musk has affectionately deemed a giant "bouncy castle" floating in the ocean.
The US Air Force has released a Request For Proposal (RFP) that hopes to fund the development of multiple heavy-lift rocket prototypes to launch no later than 2021. The USAF specified on October 5 that it wants to partially fund prototype development for at least three promising US-sourced launch vehicles, while maintaining the options to select none of the proposals or even more than three. The purpose of these broad strokes is to provide the Air Force and US military in general redundant access to space by way of "at least two domestic…launch service providers" capable of meeting National Security Space (NSS) requirements.

Considering the inherently complex and difficult process of developing massive rockets, initial launch dates no later than 2021 (or 2024) likely mean that the vehicles being considered must already be under some level of serious development. This leaves us with four possible options in the US. These four vehicles are SpaceX's BFR, Blue Origin's New Glenn, ULA's Vulcan, and Orbital-ATK's NGL, all of which already have tentative inaugural launch dates clustered from 2019 to 2022.
Tesla has once again made the list of Top 30 Global Experience Brands, beating out Ferrari, Mercedes Benz and BMW for the second year in a row to take the title for best automotive brand experience. The list was compiled by New York-based Group XP, a leading experience consultancy.

Companies with unparalleled brand presence like Disney, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Apple, and Tesla, among 25 other recognizable companies, were scored based on four unique dimensions: Create, Deliver, Engage and Strive. "Tesla has also re-imagined the sales experience far beyond the 'let me just speak to my manager about this' artifice and intensity of battling through endless forms and paperwork. The modernity of the experience is more aligned with the friction-free experiences we now expect when buying online." says Group XP of Tesla's e-commerce-based direct-to-consumer sales model.
Tesla has delayed the unveiling date for its Semi-truck from Thursday, October 26 to Thursday, November 16. Musk took to twitter to explain that the reason for the postponement is so that the company can focus on fixing Model 3 bottlenecks, but also ramp up battery production for hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico and other affected areas.

The announcement follows an earlier exchange on Twitter between Musk and Puerto Rico's Governor, Ricardo Rossello, who expressed interest in exploring a Tesla Energy solution for the U.S. territory that's had its electricity grid wiped out by Hurricane Maria. Delaying of the Tesla Semi-truck event also allows the company to shift focus to production of Model 3. And in traditional Musk fashion, he suggests that recent spy shots of a "Tesla Semi" seen at a common Tesla testing ground could in fact be something other than Tesla's semi-truck.
While it's not confirmed if it's indeed a Tesla test vehicle, it looks likely and regardless, the truck does appear to be electric, which is interesting on its own. Last week, we reported that an actual Tesla Semi prototype appeared to have been spotted at "an undisclosed place in California where they test Tesla vehicles." While Elon Musk tried to cast some doubts about the fact that it is indeed a Tesla Semi when announcing that the unveiling has been delayed by a few weeks, we were later told by someone familiar with the program that it is indeed the truck that Tesla has been showing to potential customers.
 Tesla's recently introduced a new Autopilot hardware suite, dubbed "2.5", in all its vehicles to enable more power and redundancy for its future self-driving capability. The new hardware has been under a 'calibration period', which resulted in those vehicles not having 'automatic emergency braking'. Now we learn that Tesla started gradually rolling out the safety feature.

Last month, Tesla said that the feature was activated in "shadow mode" in Autopilot 2.5 cars. Now, Tesla started pushing a new software update Wednesday that activates the automatic emergency braking feature in those cars with the latest Autopilot hardware. Under the new update, the feature will be still limited to up to 50 mph. In April, Tesla had a similar rollout for vehicles equipped with Autopilot 2.0 cars, but it was actually limited to 28 mph.
With the new 'Autopilot 2.5' software Tesla is also releasing an update with new convenience features unrelated to Autopilot. Tesla's latest update adds the ability to manually adjust the distance at which Homelink automatically opens a door/gate, and the ability to keep Climate Controls running for an extended period of time while the vehicle is parked.

These two new convenience features should become available in all Tesla vehicles. The ability to keep climate controls running for an extended period of time while the vehicle is parked will virtually create a 'real camper mode'. Some Tesla owners who have been occasionally sleeping in their cars either by fitting a small mattress in the trunk or with a tent extending out of the trunk have been using a makeshift 'camper mode' to enable continued climate control while the car is parked.
Earlier this week there was Model 3 listed on Craigslist for $150,000, however it was quickly removed by the owner. It's not clear if it was purchased or Tesla requested it to be removed. The company refuses to comment on the matter, but it didn't comply with Tesla's agreement with employees who bought the new electric car.

Yet, after the listing was removed, another Model 3 was listed on Craiglist, this time for $90,000 and in the east bay area. It was also quickly removed by the owner. We also received reports of another Model 3 appearing on Ebay with a starting bid of $90,000. The Ebay listing was also removed by the user yesterday without completing the bidding process. It wasn't clear how Tesla could enforce restrictions on the resale price of those vehicles delivered to employees, but it's interesting to now see those listings being removed rather quickly after being posted.
Zach says: Musk released another video of Model 3 body panels being stamped in real-time, which you can watch here.

Elon Musk shared a short video of Model 3's production body line in action, dispelling recent reports that the company's factory workers were building Model 3 vehicles by hand and that the production body line was still being developed. The video was posted to Instagram on Sunday, before the upcoming trading week likely to quell investor concerns that Tesla won't be able to dig itself out of deep production hell and reach Model 3 production levels of up to 5,000 units per week at the end of the year.

The speed of the Kuka robots seen welding sections of Model 3's body has been slowed down to one-tenth the normal speed. "It is slowed down right now to confirm build consistency and so that a person can stop the robots in time if something goes wrong" notes Musk in his tweet. As Tesla works through the beginning of its production ramp for Model 3 and continues along the path of its production "S Curve", the company notes in a statement that there are no fundamental issues with Model 3 production or its supply chain.
Tesla has confirmed Thursday a voluntary recall on 11,000 Model X vehicles manufactured between October 28, 2016, and August 16, 2017 due to an issue with the second-row seats. Tesla said that it is not aware of any accident related to this issue, which it found through internal tests. A spokesperson wrote in a statement:

"Tesla determined that a small number of cables in the second row fold-flat seats in some 2016 and 2017 Model X vehicles may need to be adjusted. Although Tesla has not received reports of any issues or accidents relating to this condition, we will be conducting a voluntary recall to inspect the affected vehicles and confirm whether any adjustment is needed. Although we have never seen any incidence of it in the field, internal testing has indicated that if the cable is not properly adjusted, the seat back on the left side of the second row seats could move forward during a crash."
Tesla has a really big location in Charlotte, North Carolina – pictured above. In most other states, it would be considered a Service plus location, which includes both a store and service center, but due to direct sales restrictions and Tesla's inability to obtain a dealer license, the location is considered "gallery" and service center. And now we learn that Tesla is subject to further restrictions as the DMV asked the automaker to stop offering test drives out of the location.

Tesla told us that they had an understanding with the DMV commissioner that they could still offer test drives to the public with the goal to educate them on their offering. But Tesla confirmed to Electrek that they were asked by the DMV this week to stop giving test drives out of the Charlotte location. The demand comes a few months after the DMV had a change of leadership and Torre Jessup was named the new commissioner of the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles.
The video, shot on a famed shopping street in Amsterdam, captures a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera confidently reversing into a parking space that's nestled between Tesla's Falcon-winged SUV and another vehicle. As the Italian exotic backs into the prime parking space in front of luxury boutique Chanel, the chant of Wizards in Winter is heard coming from the Model X. Windows down, lights flashing and seemingly 'congratulating' the Lambo's victorious parking job with a welcome song, before transitioning into a full ensemble courtesy of  Tesla Model X's 'Holiday Show' easter egg. Bravo.
Tesla Energy
Tesla will stop Powerwall shipments to installers engaging in price gouging in Puerto Rico. Local installers were charging as much as $12,000 to install a single Tesla Powerwall in power outage-ridden Puerto Rico. That's a premium of as much as 50% on the price that Tesla lists on its website. Musk confirmed that the company will stop sending Powerwalls to installers engaging in that practice. He also stated: "The internal Tesla Powerwall install team in PR is very small right now. Sending experienced installers from continental US to hire & train local team as fast as possible."

The installation is apparently the current bottleneck for getting the Tesla Powerwall in Puerto Rico so that initiative is likely to accelerate the deployment. There are apparently a lot of rooftop solar installations that survived the two hurricanes but they could use the home battery packs as their grid connections are currently useless.
A simple sumo-wrestling videogame released Wednesday might help make artificial-intelligence software much smarter. Robots that battle inside the virtual world of RoboSumo are controlled by machine-learning software, not humans. Unlike computer characters in typical videogames, they weren't pre-programmed to wrestle; instead they had to "learn" the sport by trial and error. The game was created by nonprofit research lab OpenAI to show how forcing AI systems to compete can spur them to become more intelligent.

After about a billion rounds of experimentation, the robots developed strategies such as squatting to make themselves more stable, and tricking an opponent to fall out of the ring. The researchers developed new learning algorithms to enable players to adapt their strategies during a bout, and even anticipate when an opponent may change tactics.
Richard Branson is throwing his weight behind "the world's most revolutionary train service." The entrepreneur announced on Thursday that his Virgin Group has invested in Hyperloop One, with a deal that sees the company renamed to Virgin Hyperloop One as part of a new strategic partnership.

"Ever since our creation, Virgin has been known for disruption and investing in innovative companies," Branson said. "From our airlines to our trains to our spaceline, we have long been passionate about innovation in transport too, especially the development of technology that could transform people's lives. This is just the latest example. Importantly, Virgin Hyperloop One will be all-electric and the team is working on ensuring it is a responsible and sustainable form of transport too."
Hyperloop pods tend to use one of three suspension systems: wheels, magnetic levitation, and air bearing suspension. WARR Hyperloop from Germany, which achieved a speed of 201 mph back in August, used wheels for its record-breaking pod, but they suffer from friction that could cause slowdown. Magnetic levitation is used on a select few train tracks, and Hyperloop One uses it with its test track to reach 192 mph, but it's incredibly expensive. Air bearings, which uses a thin film of pressurized air, could save money and reduce friction.

So what does Musk propose to help this gas-based suspension system reach high speeds? "Very high pressure air cold gas thruster". He followed up by tweeting "That's just to win our Hyperloop student competition in ~1 mile tube. Practical version would have a turbo compressor on front taking ram air pressure at near sonic to hypersonic speeds & driving that thru air skiis & rearward for thrust."
In one fictional universe, the most famous innovator of the moment will still be remembered in the year 2254. Star Trek: Discovery name-dropped Elon Musk and sandwiched him between the Wright Brothers and the guy who invented warp drive on Sunday night.

The fourth episode of Discovery, Captain Lorca is very upset that Lieutenant Stamets can't figure out how to make the USS Discovery's experimental "spore drive" — which would enable the ship to essentially teleport itself to anywhere in the universe, of course — work properly. Lorca tells Stamets: "How do you want to be remembered in history? Alongside the Wright Brothers? Elon Musk? Zefram Cochrane? Or as a failed fungus expert?"
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