05 febbraio 2020

Internet Archive Newsletter January 2020: A Big Thank-You

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January 2020

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Thank You Very Much!

Thanks to the thousands of people who support us, we raised more than ever before during our 2019 end-of-year campaign. More importantly though, we got to hear from the thousands of you who enjoy using the Internet Archive—your expressions of support were sweet, funny, and incredibly moving. Check out some of our favorite notes of encouragement.
LPs? Yes Please! 
Some say that vinyl is the only way to listen to music—and during the 60s and 70s, that was largely true. For decades, LPs were the dominant storage medium for every genre of music, before being supplanted by other formats. Now the Internet Archive is digitizing these at-risk records so that new audiences around the world can rediscover the sounds of yesteryear.
Is There A Fix For Social Media?

Russian trolls use social media to sway elections. Ad dollars flow to the most clickable content, allowing controversy to triumph over rational conversation. What we see, hear and buy in social media is a commodity for sale. If these are the well-understood problems with today's social media, where are the answers? Some of the founders and builders attacking those issues came together on a winter night in San Francisco to demonstrate what may lie ahead in decentralized social media.
Making Faces

Ever wondered how to draw a caricature or cartoon? The Art of Caricaturing, by Mitchell Smith, is the aspiring artist's introduction to action, exaggeration, expression, shading, lettering, perspective, and all the other principles and techniques necessary to draw crazy creations of your own. Whether you want to sharpen your own skills or just enjoy some ridiculous drawings, check out this 1941 guide!
3... 2... 1...

Estes Industries was once one of the world's premier model rocket companies—and its marketing promised dramatic launches and thrilling landings to children, parents, and teachers for nearly half a century. Now more than fifty of their old catalogues have been uploaded to the Internet Archive, so you can peruse the launchers, boosters, and gliders that captivated thousands of budding rocket scientists.

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