26 gennaio 2017

Elon Musk News - Issue 67

Issue 67

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Note From The Curator

The top three stories in this issue of Elon Musk News are:

1. SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Lands on a Droneship in First Mission Since August

2. Tesla's Autopilot Vindicated With 40% Drop in Crashes

3. Tesla introduces long range Model S, X 100D; capable of 335 miles

In this issue I have news on SpaceX's successful Falcon 9 launch, a report from the NHTSA which shows that Tesla's autopilot reduces crashes by 90%, SpaceX's hyperloop pod competition, mining Lithium close to home, and much more!

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Featured Quote

"When starting SpaceX I thought the odds of success were less than 10%, and I just accepted that I would probably just lose everything. But that maybe we would make some progress. If we could just move the ball forward, even if we died some other company could pick up the baton and keep moving it forward. So that would still do some good."

— Elon Musk (Sep, 2016 | Source)





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