19 aprile 2016

Mario Rossi Network Weekly is out! Edition of 19 April 2016

Mario Rossi Network Weekly
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19 April 2016
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Video: Americans Know More Avengers Than US Presidents
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Paul Joseph Watson
thumbnail www­.infowars­.com - In a Mark Dice-like stunt, ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live asked street dwelling Americans in LA to name as many Avengers characters as they could, and then to name as many US Presidents as they could – th...
PressTV-9/11 facilitated 'from within US'
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thumbnail presstv­.com - Former US senator and governor of Florida, Bob Graham, has gone on air to say the hijackers who carried out the September 11, 2001 attacks had "some support from within the United States" and were ...
Protesters Plan to Shut Down Donald Trump's Free Speech Tonight
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thumbnail www­.infowars­.com - Activists from the failed Occupy Wall Street movement and other progressives say they can muster 10,000 people to protest Trump's appearance in Midtown Manhattan. "It's going to be way bigger than ...
Death by Gentrification: Alex Nieto Killed by Hail of Police Bullets in a Changing San Francisco
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Democracy Now!
thumbnail www­.democracynow­.org - writer, historian and activist. She is the author of over a dozen books, including, most recently, Men Explain Things to Me. She is also a contributing editor at Harper's Magazine. Her most recent ...
Obama under pressure over 'secret 9/11 report' ahead of Saudi trip
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thumbnail www­.france24­.com - Secured behind a locked door in a secret vault on Capitol Hill in the heart of Washington, DC sits a 28-page document that only a small group of people have been permitted to see. Members of Congre...

WorldPoliticsArt & EntertainmentLeisureBusinessEnvironment#travel#david2016
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