01 novembre 2016

6th Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival - December 3rd, Los Angeles!

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It's time for the 6th Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival (ZMF)! This powerful event, which parallels our more intellectual Z-Day event, seeks to use the power of art and media to help inspire hope and change in the world.
The 2016 main event is happening in Los Angeles, California, Saturday December 3rd, 2016, from 3pm-11pm at ARTShareLA, an art-collaborative located in LA's downtown arts district. This non-profit, Multimedia Arts-Activist Festival will feature live music, comedy, short films, spoken word, art gallery, live painting, collaborative/interactive-art rooms, presentations by prominent activists, artists, and thinkers, and will host a variety of NPOs and organizations to foster solidarity and discussion around pressing social issues, and their resolution. 
Performer Highlights Include:
Violin Virtuoso Lili Haydn, Comedian/Social Commentator Lee Camp, Director of the Zeitgeist film series Peter Joseph, to show trailer for new film "InterReflections", Singer/Songwriter/Pianist/Composer Nomi Abadi, Creative & Grassroots Activist Eleanor Goldfield, with many more artists & activists set to attend.
Full Event Info with Artists Bios Here - www.zeitgeistmediafestival.com.
Call for Talent Submissions & Global Parallel Events
Each year artists and activists are invited to participate and join us at the main event in Los Angeles, California. All mediums welcome, and all socially conscious/relevant works considered. Chapters around the world also share in the expression globally by conducting parallel Zeitgeist Media Festival (art-activist) events in their local areas around the same period. [*Weekend of December 3rd]. Send Artist Submissions and Events to: media@thezeitgeistmovement.com.

About: Embracing a spirit of unity and exploration to imagine beyond the current world, the ZMF creates an atmosphere for catharsis from the pressures & creative suffocation of everyday life in the world today, while inspiring people for change; that change IS possible, if we simply came together collectively to make that change. 

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