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Elon Musk News - Issue 49 🚀🚗🌇

"We can transport cargo to anywhere on earth in 45 minutes at the longest. Most places on earth we can get to in maybe 20-25 minutes."

Elon Musk News

ISSUE 49 🚀🚗🌇  October 4th 2016

Here are the top 3 stories in this issue of Elon Musk News:
  1. Tesla delivers 24,500 vehicles in Q3, a 111% annual increase
  2. Implication of sabotage adds intrigue to SpaceX investigation
  3. Elon Musk Praises Ex's 'Deadly Sexbot' Performance in 'Westworld'
Tesla has succeed in making Q3 its best ever quarter. Their delivery of 24,500 vehicles is an incredible 70% increase in deliveries over the previous quarter, and 111% better than last year's Q3! One month ago Elon Musk sent a company wide email saying that "It would be awesome to throw a pie in the face of all naysayers on Wall Street who keep insisting that Tesla will always be a money loser!" If there ever was a pie throwing moment, this is certainly it.
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Featured Quote

"We can transport cargo to anywhere on earth in 45 minutes at the longest. Most places on earth we can get to in maybe 20-25 minutes."

— Elon Musk
Quote from Inverse |Photo from SpaceX

Elon Musk News

Elon Musk Tweets Praise of Ex-Wife Talulah Riley as a "Sexbot" on 'Westworld'

HBO's new science fiction series, Westworld debuts Sunday, and everybody's excited — especially Elon Musk. The show about a theme park in the futuristic wild west controlled by artificial intelligence stars Musk's former wife Talulah Riley. The innovation mogul, who is known to express his penchant for all things science fiction on Twitter, tweeted a flirtatious but slightly risqué congratulations to his ex-wife, who plays an as-yet unnamed role in the series.


Implication of sabotage adds intrigue to SpaceX investigation

The long-running feud between Elon Musk's space company and its fierce competitor United Launch Alliance took a bizarre twist this month when a SpaceX employee visited its facilities at Cape Canaveral, Fla., and asked for access to the roof of one of ULA's buildings.
About two weeks earlier, one of SpaceX's rockets blew up on a launchpad while it was awaiting an engine test. As part of the investigation, SpaceX officials had come across something suspicious they wanted to check out, according to three industry officials with knowledge of the episode. SpaceX had still images from video that appeared to show an odd shadow, then a white spot on the roof of a nearby building leased by ULA, a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing.
Read the full article | Photo from USLaunchReport

The 5 most bizarre "questions" Musk was asked after his Mars talk

When you announce a 42-engine interplanetary spaceship that you intend to name Heart of Gold in homage to Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," you deserve to be subjected to a little Vogon poetry from the audience.
That's more or less what happened to Elon Musk when he unveiled his long-awaited Mars colonization plan Tuesday at the 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, and then endured questions from an unusually large and rambunctious audience that hours before poured into the main hall like they were there for The Who's 1979 tour.
Read the full article | Photo from IAC webcast

Leonardo DiCaprio Tells President Obama That He's Going to Mars

Leonardo DiCaprio has sailed on the Titanic, battled grizzly bears in the brutal wild west, and explored dreams. Now, though, the 41-year-old actor says he's going to travel to Mars [with SpaceX] — but for real. Well, at least that's what he told President Barack Obama.


Tesla delivers 24,500 vehicles in Q3, a 111% annual increase

Telsa announced that it has accelerated delivery of its electric vehicles in the third quarter. In a press release, the company revealed that in the past three months, it delivered 24,500 vehicles, of which 15,800 were Model S and 8,700 were Model X. This is a 70 percent increase from last quarter's delivery of 14,402 and a 111 percent increase from Q3 2015.
"Our Q3 delivery count should be viewed as slightly conservative, as we only count a car as delivered if it is transferred to the customer and all paperwork is correct," Tesla said. In fact, 5,500 vehicles are currently in transit and will be counted in Q4.

Tesla reiterates that 'Autopilot' doesn't mean 'autonomous' as the DMV moves to ban the use of the word

The controversy over how to approach Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) continues as the California DMV is moving forward with a new regulation to ban the use of certain words in the promotion and advertising of the systems. One of the words is 'Autopilot', which is exactly what Tesla has been calling its own ADAS since its announcement in October 2014.
Last week, the DMV published a draft of the new regulation, which is not official yet, but could quickly become a problem for Tesla and other automakers. The summary of the rule states:
"Prohibits the advertisement of lower levels of automated systems, where the human driver is still responsible for monitoring or control of the vehicle, as "autonomous", "self-driving" or other similar terms."
Read the full article | Photo from Tesla

Tesla's global fleet just reached 3 billion electric miles driven

The EPA estimates that the average gas-powered passenger vehicle emits about 411 grams of CO2 per mile. A fleet of all-electric vehicles driving 3 billion miles would save 1,3 million tons of CO2 emissions from being emitted at the tailpipe.
3 billion miles driven is what Tesla's fleet all-electric vehicles achieved this week. Now it's impressive to look into how quickly Tesla's global fleet reached 3 billion electric miles driven. It reached the first billion in June 2015 or about 3 years after the Model S was on the road for the first time. The second billion miles were reached just a few months ago in April 2016.
Read the full article | Photo from Tesla

How to start a racing series with Teslas — an interview with the CEO of Electric GT World Series

To shed some more light on the series, The Verge spoke to CEO and co-creator Mark Gemmell earlier this summer about Electric GT, why it exists, and how you even go about building a new racing series in the first place.
Read the full article | Photo from Electric GT

Tesla chip maker demonstrates self-driving technology built on AI

Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has been no stranger to self-driving technology having previously sat down with Tesla CEO Elon Musk to discuss autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and the future of automotive technology.
Well, it would seem that the company's mission to power the future generation of self-driving cars is coming to fruition. In a new video posted on YouTube by the company, Nvidia demonstrates a system that uses deep learning and and artificial intelligence to navigate a vehicle through a serious of obstacles.


SolarCity Partners With Citi To Create Fund To Finance Over $347 Million In Solar Projects

America's leading solar energy provider, SolarCity, has partnered with global bank Citi to create two funds which together will finance more than $347 million in solar projects for homeowners and small businesses.
SolarCity announced on Wednesday that it had partnered with a leading global bank, Citi, to create two funds — a $284 million fund which will finance residential solar projects across the United States, and a $63 million fund which will finance solar projects for small- and medium-sized businesses throughout California.

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