24 aprile 2017

Trump Rejects Calls for Transparency, Vowing to Keep Tax Returns & White House Visitor Logs Secret | Daily Digest 04/18/2017

"I Am Her Voice": Meet the 10-Year-Old Boy Helping His Mom Take Refuge from Deportation in a Church & Mexican Writer Valeria Luiselli on Child Refugees & Rethinking the Language Around Immigration

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The White House is facing new criticism over its lack of transparency, as President Trump is refusing to release his tax returns as well as logs of White House visitors. ... Read More →

Two months ago, Jeanette Vizguerra skipped a scheduled check-in with ICE officials and instead sought refuge in the First Unitarian Society church, ... Read More →

As President Trump continues to vow a crackdown against immigration and immigrants living inside the United States, we turn a new book described by the ... Read More →

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23 aprile 2017

[Reseau Voltaire] Les principaux titres de la semaine 19 04 2017

Réseau Voltaire

En bref

Le rapport de la CIA sur l'incident de Khan Shaykhun est grossièrement faux

Parution du livre-événement « Sous nos yeux » en turc

La CEDH condamne la Russie pour ne pas avoir empêché le massacre de Beslan

La Russie se tient prête à une guerre nucléaire

Donald Trump relance l'Otan

Les 6 positions de l'administration Trump sur la Syrie

Attaque de Daesh contre les Forces US
Fil diplomatique

Soutenir l'avenir de la Syrie et de la région : déclaration des co-présidents


« Horizons et débats », n°9, 18 avril 2017
L'analyse militaire de la guerre en Syrie
Partenaires, 18 avril 2017
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22 aprile 2017

Foster recommends Larken Rose on Liberty

The author of "The Most Dangerous Superstition," and one of my greatest heroes, Larken Rose, is coming to the west with a brilliant workshop.

Larken is among the leading liberty thinkers and most eloquent speakers on the planet.

If you are a lover of true freedom and are having challenges in talking with statists who defend their coercive, violent approach with shallow emotional responses, there may be no more ideal mentor than Larken. I recommend going to either Phoenix, AZ or Redlands, CA (near Los Angeles) to learn from the master. It will change your life and the lives of those you encounter.


Make your decision as if the fate of our species hangs on our ability to have this conversation successfully. I believe it does.

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21 aprile 2017

#FreeGabriele: mobilitazione per liberare Gabriele Del Grande

#FreeGabriele la mobilitazione per chiedere la liberazione del giornalista detenuto in Turchia

#FreeGabriele la mobilitazione per chiedere la liberazione del giornalista detenuto in Turchia

Da 10 giorni Gabriele Del Grande, giornalista e documentarista, è detenuto in Turchia. E' stato fermato dalle autorità turche nella regione di Hatay il 9 aprile scorso mentre stava lavorando al suo libro "Un partigiano mi disse", dopo il grande successo internazionale di "Io sto con la sposa". È di ieri la telefonata ai familiari di Gabriele Del Grande da  un centro di identificazione ed espulsione a Mugla. Due le iniziative in programma in Italia: la prima domani 20 aprile ore 18 a Milano e la seconda, alla quale l'associazione Amici di Roberto Morrione ha aderito, il 2 maggio a Roma davanti a Montecitorio